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“The only country in the world that doesn’t want its land inhabited by people”




Creating awareness is one of the biggest parts of preventing climate change #actonclimate #gogreen #awareness #eco

New website is online https://t.co/bRpQm9BrLx #micronation #micronationalism #flandrensis #NoHumansOnlyNature

Creating awareness is one of the biggest parts of preventing climate change #actonclimate #gogreen #awareness #eco

Decline in #krill threatens #Antarctic wildlife, from whales to #penguins https://t.co/GndaaqZBiI a #southernocean #MPAnetwork would help protect #CCAMLR @pewenvironment @noaafisheries

La Mucrofrancophonie à l’honneur dans La Voix du Nord à l’occasion de la rencontre de Lille. https://t.co/V5RjnQ4lnp

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In Flandrensis we believe that small actions together can make a difference to climate change. So do what you can within your capabilities to save (y)our planet #EarthDay18 ... See MoreSee Less

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Why we need to recycle and consider man-made enviormental problems.

This sperm whale was found to have 64 pounds of trash in its stomach when it died
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Creating a micronation demands a lot of time, dedication, hard work and creativity. Some people consider plagiarism as the sincerest form of flattery, but it is an unwritten rule in micronationalism that you don't steal from others. Over the years we learned to ignore the Flandrensian lookalikes, but also our micronational friends and close partners are confronted with plagiarism. Copying names, national symbols, the concept, constitution, parts from websites, etc. is a lack of imagination and against the basic principles of micronationalism!
Mentioning their name is too much honor and attention, but we condemn plagiarism and will take measures to support our micronational partners.
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Statement on Data Protection in Flandrensis:
The headquarters of the Grand Duchy is located in the Flandrensian Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium. Therefore we respect the General Data Protection Regulation. Your personal data will only be used for events related to the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis and can be used to make graphs and statistics. We don’t share your personal data with external partners, and your data is only available for members of the Grand Ducal Cabinet. For any question about our privacy policy, please contact us at info (at) flandrensis.com
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4 weeks ago

Grand Duchy of Flandrensis

Next micronational conference 🙂 !

Empire d'Angyalistan
Le 2e sommet de la MicroFrancophonie, organisé pour l'Organisation de la MicroFrancophonie par l'Empire d'Angyalistan, aura lieu en France à Vincennes, ville voisine de l'ambassade territorialisée de l'Empire, les 21 et 22 juillet 2018.
Y sont conviés Chefs d'Etat, représentants et citoyens des nations membres de l'OMF, de ses observateurs mais aussi des nations amies de la Microfrancophonie en général.
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The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis is a micronation that consists of five small islands in West-Antarctica. This first sentence alone already surprises a lot of people and the claims look ridiculous for the majority, but is it?
We are not a real country, nor is it our intention to be recognized as a sovereign nation. Started in 2008, we are a small ecologic project to raise on a creative manner awareness for climate change. With the claim to be “The only country in the world that doesn’t want its land inhabited by people”, Flandrensis wants to make a statement to the international community. Representing citizens in 54 countries worldwide who are concerned about the current situation in Antarctica, we see it as our responsibility to protest against organizations or countries who harm the Antarctic environment and to support the ones who want to transform Antarctica into one protected maritime area.