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“The only country in the world that doesn’t want its land inhabited by people”




New website is online https://t.co/bRpQm9BrLx #micronation #micronationalism #flandrensis #NoHumansOnlyNature

Creating awareness is one of the biggest parts of preventing climate change #actonclimate #gogreen #awareness #eco

Decline in #krill threatens #Antarctic wildlife, from whales to #penguins https://t.co/GndaaqZBiI a #southernocean #MPAnetwork would help protect #CCAMLR @pewenvironment @noaafisheries

La Mucrofrancophonie à l’honneur dans La Voix du Nord à l’occasion de la rencontre de Lille. https://t.co/V5RjnQ4lnp

Toujours ambiance avec @OMF_officiel #micronation #Flandrensis #omf #Lille

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To all 138 female Flandrensians and all women in the world: happy International Womens Day! And thanks to all Flandrensian womens who helped us the past 9 years ... #internationalwomensday ... See MoreSee Less

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Grand Duchy of Flandrensis heeft de omslagfoto bijgewerkt. ... See MoreSee Less

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Our website is finally back online 🙂 The site is still under construction and you cannot register yet as a citizen. We will finish everything in the coming days, thank you for your patience! ... See MoreSee Less

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The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis is a micronation that consists of five small islands in West-Antarctica. This first sentence alone already surprises a lot of people and the claims look ridiculous for the majority, but is it?
We are not a real country, nor is it our intention to be recognized as a sovereign nation. Started in 2008, we are a small ecologic project to raise on a creative manner awareness for climate change. With the claim to be “The only country in the world that doesn’t want its land inhabited by people”, Flandrensis wants to make a statement to the international community. Representing citizens in 54 countries worldwide who are concerned about the current situation in Antarctica, we see it as our responsibility to protest against organizations or countries who harm the Antarctic environment and to support the ones who want to transform Antarctica into one protected maritime area.