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“The only country in the world that doesn’t want its land inhabited by people”




One of our Flandrensian citizens made a song about earth changes, global warming and famine. Cross Road 2029 - Altair Four https://t.co/B5Mc3vcoum via @YouTube

On this #InternationalDayOfTheSeal (March 22), meet the six Antarctic seal species that live in the ocean surrounding Antarctica and read more about these incredible animals and why they need more marine protection. https://t.co/zbxFzjcxDV

Flandrensis signed a treaty of Friendship & Mutual Recognition with the Canadian micronation @PBeremagne 📜🖊 #Flandrensis #micronation #diplomacy

Proud to announce the new Grand Ducal Cabinet 💛🖤: Joaquín Castillo-Lopez 🇺🇸, Rogier de Brederode-Wintgen 🇳🇱, Danitsa Yanakieva 🇧🇬, Ritoban Paul 🇮🇳 and Hugo Da Costa 🇱🇺🇵🇹 will support Grand Duke Niels 🇧🇪 in 2019 #flandrensis #micronation #teamwork

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Today it’s 2 years ago Flandrensis signed the “Micronational Declaration on Ecological Stewardship” at the MicroCon Convention in Atlanta (USA) 🌳🌷🌻🌾🌎
This declaration was an initiative from Flandrensis and was the result of 6 months of discussions and the commitment of 25 micronationalists who share their concerns for climate change. In Atlanta 18 micronations lent the weight of their support to the declaration. Already 33 micronations have already signed the declaration!
With small actions on recycling, green energy, plastic ban, wildcrafting, buying locally-grown food, participating in demonstrations, reduce carbon dioxide pollution, etc. Flandrensis and other micronations are fighting against climate change. Because many small actions together can make a difference! 💛🖤 #ThereIsNoPlanetB #ActOnClimate
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Let's Celebrate Environment Together!
5th June, World Environment Day.
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