An ambassador is the highest ranking diplomat who represents the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis in another sovereign state (macronation). Ambassadors are appointed by the Grand Duke of Flandrensis for a period of 2 year.
The function of Ambassador is especially symbolic, this title does not confer land grants, pensions, or payments of any kind, or rights of settlement, privileges or extraordinary treatment by the state of Flandrensis. The main task of an Ambassador is to assist the Grand Ducal Cabinet with translations, to promote Flandrensis, promote Environmental Awareness and to be committed to the environment and its preservation

List of Flandrensian Ambassadors

  1. The Dominion of Canada – H.E. Laurens Bosman (Chilliwack)
  2. The Kingdom of Great Britain – H.E. Richard Grundy (Glossop)
  3. The Kingdom of Denmark – H.E. Claus Søndergaard (Roskilde)
  4. The French Republic – H.E. Philippe Beckaert (Saint Cirise)
  5. The Federal Republic of Germany – H.E. Markus Kalter (Overath)
  6. The Republic of Peru – H.E. Fernando Cárdenas Carrascal (Lima)
  7. The Republic of Italy – H.E. Silvia Fratini (Livorno)
  8. The Kingdom of Sweden – H.E. Georgios Korakakis (Motala)
  9. The Republic of Poland – H.E. Jakub Poplawski (Lisewo)