Grand Ducal Cabinet

At present day the Grand Duke has almost all legislative power in Flandrensis, but the Grand Duchy remained a constitutional monarchy with respect for all rights and obligations for the head of state and its citizens. The Grand Duke is supported and advised by a Cabinet led by the Chancellor. The Grand Ducal Cabinet consists of Ministers who are appointed by the head of state.
For each new item on the agenda, including but not limited to new projects, laws and recognitions, there will be a referendum.

Joaquín Castillo-Lopez (United States of America)
Chancellor: The right hand of the Grand Duke and is his replacement in time of need. The Chancellor is also the Chairman of the Grand Ducal Cabinet.
Count Joaquin Castillo-Lopez (born 1991) is the second head of the government and the first chancellor of the Grand Ducal Cabinet as in effect the head of the government. He discovered micronationalism in 2012 and became a Flandrensian in 2014. He was previously Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Internal affairs until his appointment as Chancellor in 2018. Outside Flandrensis Joaquin works in politics and education. He was successful ran various political campaigns, as well as operated as a field organizer in many others. He lives with his wife and various pets in the Midwest of the United States.

Rogier de Brederode-Wintgen (Netherlands)
Vice-Chancellor: Baron Rogier de Brederode-Wintgen (born 1996) lives in the Netherlands and is a student social cultural education. He joined Flandrensis in 2017 and in a short time he was appointed in the Grand Ducal Cabinet. In he’s free time he enjoys going to the gym, sitting about in the pub, concerts and making music. Rogier is also a member of the socialist party in the Netherlands.

Danitsa Yanakieva (Bulgaria)
Minister: Danitsa Yanakieva (born 1997) lives in Bulgaria and is a student at the military university. She discovered micronationalism during her International Public Law classes and used Flandrensis as her project’s subject, and so she felt in love on the ecological mission and became a Flandrensian in 2018. She is passionated about nature, animals and art and does a lot of voluntary work. Danitsa is also a member of the socialist democrats in Bulgaria.

Ritoban Paul (India)
Minister: Ritoban Paul ( born 1997) lives in India and is a student in Hotel and Tourism management. He discovered micronationalism while researching for a project called “Small Countries”. He started his micronational career by joining the Greek micronation Imvrassia and became a Flandrensian in 2018. He describes himself as a poet, writer and artist with a passion for history and mythology.

Hugo Da Costa (Luxembourg)
Minister: Hugo Da Costa (born 2004) has Portuguese origin but lives in Luxembourg. When he was 12, he watched a documentary about a micronation in the UK, he “fell in love” with this project and did several attempts to create his own micronation. But instead of starting his own micronation he finally decided to join one and in 2018 he requested the Flandrensian citizenship. He is very interested in politics and in his free time he plays tennis and he fences.