Diplomatic relations

St Charlie

The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis is an established value in the worldwide community of micronations. Since its foundation in 2008 Flandrensis signed more than 175 treaties of friendship and mutual recognition with other micronations, on diplomatic level Flandrensis is one of the most active micronation in this world. We encourage people to start their own micronation and we are always open to advice new micronationalists with the development of their micronation and to enlarge our community of friends.The foreign policy of the Grand Duchy is very strictly, if you want to be recognized by Flandrensis you need to respect following conditions:

  1. The micronation must be at least 6 months old: many new micronations disappear within the first months.
  2. The micronation must have a website with clear and truthful information (population, goals, territory).
  3. The micronation must exist in real life: countries with a fictional history, population or claims on virtual maps or imaginary worlds on the internet is not micronationalism but geofiction.

The only way to apply diplomatic relations is through the online application on this website. The Grand Duke will investigate your application together with his Cabinet and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Your micronation will be judged on content, achievements, reputation and diplomatic behavior in the micronational community. The Manifest of the Micronational Spirit is a guide we use and promote to all new micronations. 

Mutual recognition

  1. Republic of Aquitaine (U.S.A.)
  2. Principality of Beauluna (Netherlands)
  3. State of Moriel (Puerto Rico)
  4. State of Sandus (U.S.A.)
  5. Aerican Empire (U.S.A.)
  6. Kingdom of Strathclyde (Scotland)
  7. Holy Empire of Réunion (Brasil)
  8. Commonwealth of Zealandia (Australia)
  9. Kingdom of Savante (U.S.A.)
  10. Grand Duchy of Westarctica (U.S.A.)
  11. Imperial Kingdom of Calsahara (U.S.A.)
  12. Royal Kingdom of Eesha (India)
  13. Commonwealth of Sirocco (New Zealand)
  14. Kingdom of Vikesland (Canada)
  15. Democratic Environmental Society of Senya (England)
  16. Kingdom of Cattimundo (Italy)
  17. Sovrana Militare Ordine Romano Adrianeo (Italy)
  18. Principality of Lyonesse (U.S.A.)
  19. United Territories of Sky Haven (Hong Kong)
  20. People's Republic of Podjistan (Nothern Ireland)
  21. Kingdom of Überstadt (U.S.A.)
  22. Republic of Town Real (U.S.A.)
  23. People's Democratic Autocray of Arborea (New Zeeland)
  24. Noble Republic of Lurk (Czech Republic)
  25. Republic of Padrhom (France)
  26. Kingdom of Alteria (New Zealand)
  27. Principality of Imvrassia (Greece)
  28. The Reylan Imperial Triumvirate (Wales)
  29. Republic of Alcatraz (Italy)
  30. Republic of Benny Andre Lund (Norway)
  31. The Royal Republic of Ladonia (Sweden)
  32. Democratic People's Republic of Urbonia (Philippines)
  33. Empire of Austenasia (England)
  34. Confederation of Leylandiistan and Gurvata (Ireland)
  35. Republic of Hasanistan (Turkey)
  36. The Principality of Guerreria (U.S.A.)
  37. The House of Homestaed (Andorra)
  38. Republic of Chico (Peru)
  39. Kingdom of Candar (Austria)
  40. Kingdom of Warkaland (Romania)
  41. Principality Islet Pontinha (Portugal)
  42. Principality of Hélianthis (France)
  43. Empire of Angyalistan (France)
  44. The Republic of West Who (USA)
  45. Principality of Aigues-Mortes (France)
  46. Republic of Uzupis (Lithuania)
  47. The Sultanat de Zaria-Shabazz (Central-Africa)
  48. Republic of Eslenda (Russia)
  49. Kingdom of Juclandia (Romania)
  50. Kingdom of Ruritania (U.S.A.)
  51. The Ilmen Federation (Russia)
  52. The World Humanity Commission (India)
  53. The Virtual State of Drakonberg (Azerbaijan)
  54. Kingdom of Danland (Russia)
  55. Empire of Adammia (England)
  56. Kingdom of Hanover (U.S.A.)
  57. Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia (Brasil)
  58. Kingdom of Meme (U.S.A.)
  59. Cyanocitta Cristata Republic (U.S.A.)
  60. Norlandian Kingdom (Russia)
  61. Republic of Cunsònn (Italy)
  62. Democratic Republic of Sree Gurusia (India)
  63. Socialist Republic of Strovacia (Russia)
  64. Kingdom of Verdoleania (Netherlands)
  65. People´s Democratic Republic of Villa Alicia (Brasil)
  66. Republic of Saint-Castin (Canada)
  67. Kingdom of Greencountria (Ukraine)
  68. Consulat de Surland (France)
  69. L'Empire Irosien d'Armorique (France)
  70. Federation of Kraveitya-Ratmanovia (U.S.A.)
  71. Kingdom of Newukraine (Ukraine)
  72. Republic of Ivstria (Russia)
  73. Republic of Skuliya (Belarus)
  74. Grifburgh Empire (Russia)
  75. Fishtown Newport Territory (Germany)
  76. The United Provinces of Mauritia (Brazil)
  77. Kingdom of St. Kilda (Schotland)
  78. The Democratic Kingdom of Frankland (U.S.A.)
  79. State of Nedland (U.S.A.)
  80. The Nemhav Federation (Ireland)
  81. Grand Duchy of Lle (U.S.A.)
  82. Union de Geovannia (Mexico)
  83. Republic of Loneyard (Ukraine)
  84. Principality of Lednia (Belarus)
  85. Princedom of Eyland (Belarus)
  86. Principality of Valendia (French Polynesia)
  87. Grand Duchy of Nesti (Italy)
  88. Confederation of Mahuset (the Netherlands)
  89. Kingdom of Aurilië (Belgium)
  90. Principality of Lorenzburg (Sweden)

Mutual recognition (defunct micronations anno 2015)

  1. The Commonwealth of Boshka (U.S.A.)
  2. The Principality of Valumar (Spain)
  3. The Cheslovian Federation (England)
  4. The Kingdom of Beunos Aires (Argentine)
  5. Estado Serenísimo de La Roca (Spain)
  6. The Empire of Leblandia (Poland)
  7. The Kingdom of Batavia (Netherlands)
  8. República Popular Socialista Huetar de Occidente (Spain)
  9. The Kingdom of Castrigia (Netherlands)
  10. Empire of Mexican America (Mexico)
  11. Duchy of Bohemia (U.S.A.)
  12. The Grand Duchy of Johnstonia (Australia)
  13. El Pueblo Simariense (Spain)
  14. The Republic of Cisalpina (Italy)
  15. The Republic of Patetopia (U.S.A.)
  16. Berinese Confederation (Venezuela)
  17. Free Community of Pasargada (Brasil)
  18. Carribean Republic of Samana Cay (Bahamas)
  19. Federated Republics of A1 (Australia)
  20. Republic of Promolands (Italy)
  21. The Kingdom of Albion (Belgium)
  22. Parliamentary Republic of Dorzhabad (England)
  23. Kingdom of Lacia (Netherlands)
  24. Viking Empire Stormark (England)
  25. Kingdom of Zandrovia (U.S.A.)
  26. Res Publica S.P.Q.R. (Italy)
  27. Republic of Transletania (Hungary)
  28. Empire of Progle (U.S.A.)
  29. Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy (U.S.A.)
  30. Students’ Isocratic Oligarchy of Yablako (Australia)
  31. Principality of Rukora (England)
  32. Democratic Republic of Vitla (Italy)
  33. Kingdom of Parvus Laetus (Belgium)
  34. Republic of Secundomia (U.S.A.)
  35. Republic of Egtavia (England)
  36. Kingdom of Kelterspruf (Brasil)
  37. Kingdom of Theodia (U.S.A.)
  38. The Federal Republic of Blue Skies (U.S.A.)
  39. State of the People of West Antarctica (Serbia)
  40. Directory of Akull (U.S.A.)
  41. Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republic (England)
  42. Republic of Atlantis (Italy)
  43. Kingdom of Wyvern (the Netherlands)
  44. Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands (U.S.A.)
  45. Empire of Monovia (England)
  46. Kingdom of Falghun (England)
  47. Principality of Treisia (Philippines)
  48. Social Republic of Bethania (U.S.A.)
  49. Republic of Allobrogie (France)
  50. Empire of Gordjan (Italy)
  51. Union of Starland (U.S.A.) 
  52. Empire of Qootärlaent (Netherlands)
  53. Republic of Ultamiya (U.S.A.)
  54. Kingdom of Broughtopia (England)
  55. Kingdom of Escitrar (U.S.A.)
  56. Empire of Freedomia (U.S.A.)
  57. Free Pristinian Republic (Germany)
  58. Lewisham Democratic Republic (England)
  59. Republic of Caledonia (Scotland)
  60. Territory of Ledicarus (Canada)
  61. Technocratic Federation of Erephesia (England)
  62. Kozuc Khanate (U.S.A.)
  63. The Ohio Empire (U.S.A.)
  64. Republic of Bokonton (U.S.A.)
  65. The Republic of Fivea (Hungary)
  66. Knoll Island Empire (England)
  67. Republic of Wadonstol (Australia)
  68. Principality of Novum Angliae (U.S.A)
  69. Daikoku Federation (Indonesia)
  70. Kadmurian Empire (Austria)
  71. Kingdom of Finismund (Spain)
  72. Estado de Marie (Spain)
  73. Keep Watch (Canada)
  74. Federated States of Antarctica (U.S.A.)
  75. Principality of Subenia (Serbia)
  76. Antarctica's Elain of Atilnia (Italy)
  77. Kingdom of Strueh (Germany)
  78. Reĝlando de la Glaciaj Homoj (U.S.A.)
  79. Kingdom of New Westphalia (England)
  80. Schalamzaar Empire (Iran)
  81. Federal Republic of St. Charlie (Italy)
  82. Principality of Campinia (Belgium)

Single recognition & friendly relations

  1. The Republic of Molossia (U.S.A.)
  2. Principality of Seborga (Italy)
  3. Republic of Saugeais (France)
  4. Crown Dependency of Forvik (Shetland Islands)
  5. Empire of Atlantium (Australia)

Withdrawal of recognition by Flandrensis

  1. Peoples Democratic Republic of Erusia (England) - undiplomatic and aggressive behavior
  2. United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (U.S.A.) - religious intolerance
  3. Principality of Durstonia (Canada) - homophobia and religious intolerance
  4. Princedom of Aysellant (Russia) - undiplomatic behavior
  5. Federal Republic of Lostisland (Russia) - homophobia, undiplomatic behavior
  6. Empire of Pavlov (the Netherlands) - homophobia, undiplomatic behavior