Thank you for your interest with establishing relations with us. The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis informally acknowledges all micronations: we will be friendly toward all other micronations, large and small, and we pledge our assistance and friendship in helping any new nation develop.

On special occasions, Flandrensis still signs treaties with other micronations who are in total alignment with Flandrensis’ foreign policy, climate policy, individual freedom policy, etc. Requesting diplomatic relations is an invitation for close cooperation, for communal projects and association.
If your micronation desires to establish full diplomatic relations with Flandrensis, please complete this form.

Before you start with this application: read all conditions met to receive recognition on the page Foreign Affairs. There are no exceptions. If a requesting micronation meets these criteria, the Grand Ducal Cabinet will contact you and send a Treaty of Friendship & Mutual Recognition, signed by the Grand Duke for the approval of the government of the requesting micronation.

Your micronation will be judged on content, achievements, reputation and diplomatic behaviour in the micronational community.