The Grand Ducal Guard of Flandrensis serves as a vital symbol of our nation’s sovereignty and dedication to peace.
Flandrensis respects the prohibitions in the Antarctic Treaty. In combination with the Flandrensian policy of not allowing any humans on our territory, Flandrensis will never employ military activities on the white continent. Nor will the Grand Ducal Guard engage in existing military conflicts, reflecting our nation’s commitment to uphold sovereignty through non-aggressive means.

The core responsibility of the Grand Ducal Guard is to represent the sovereignty of Flandrensis by serving as an honor guard for the Grand Duke or his diplomatic envoys at micronational gatherings, to guard our embassies and ecological sanctuaries and to protect Flandrensian citizens against physical and psychological damage. Having citizens in more than 70 countries worldwide, local units can be employed to assist local authorities or non-profit organizations during emergency situations.
The Flandrensian Secret Intelligence Services is a specific unit of the Grand Ducal Guard, specialized in cybersecurity and collecting information regarding possible threats on our territorial sovereignty and foreign opinions about Flandrensis.

Volunteering for the Grand Ducal Guard is an act of dedication to our nation’s independent status and its core values, ensuring that the protection and promotion of our sovereignty are at the forefront of their service. Minimum age to join as recruit is 16. This role is unpaid, highlighting the selfless commitment of its members to the principles and integrity of Flandrensis.

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