Diplomatic Corps

The Diplomatic Corps 

Members of the Flandrensian Diplomatic Corps are diplomats who represents the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis in another sovereign state (macronation). Ambassadors and Consuls enlarge the Flandrensian community and assist the development of our national identity. Furthermore they are available to represent Flandrensis on occasional meetings with citizens or other micronations.
This position does not confer land grants, pensions, or payments of any kind, or rights of settlement, privileges or extraordinary treatment by the state of Flandrensis.

Join the Diplomatic Corps!

We are looking for ambassadors and consuls to enlarge our diplomatic corps! We want one ambassador in each country with Flandrensian residents and if needed several consuls to assist the ambassador (example: we have an ambassador in the UK but can have consuls in Wales or Scotland).

Our Greek ambassador is sportive so he ran a marathon with a self-made shirt of Flandrensis, our Egypt ambassador is a famous blues artist in the Middle-East and he gave us permission to use his songs for Radio Flandrensis, our former ambassador in Turkey is also a musician and composed our national anthem, our ambassador in Luxembourg participated in a Climate March, many ambassadors helped with the translation of letters and sharing articles on social media, etc.
So if you’re creative, sportive, an artist, musician, world traveller or an climate activist … or you’re social and want to meet other Flandrensians or consuls in your country? If you have interest to join our diplomatic corps: send your candidature with motivation to info[at]flandrensis.com.

The main conditions are minimum citizenship of 6 months in our glorious nation and having no citizenships in other micronations. Unless you have a very good motivation we can make some exceptions …

List of the Flandrensian Diplomatic Corps

  • H.E. Laurens Bosman, Ambassador to Canada
    • H.E. Brandon Kroll, Consul at Alberta
  • H.E. Richard Grundy, Ambassador to the United Kingdom
    • H.E. Count George Lapshynov d’Annenkov, Consul at Scotland
  • H.E. Baron Claus Søndergaard, Ambassador to Denmark
  • H.E. Philippe Beckaert, Ambassador to France
  • H.E. Baron Markus Kalter-Ranvik, Ambassador to Germany
  • H.E. Fernando Cárdenas Carrascal, Ambassador to Peru
  • H.E. Baron Filippo Bagarolo de Borrello, Ambassador to Italy
    • H.E. Baron Manuel de Barrat, Consul at the Estense region
  • H.E. Georgios Korakakis, Ambassador to Sweden
  • H.E. Jakub Poplawski, Ambassador to Poland
    • H.E. Andrzej Krzemiński, Consul at Lesser Poland
    • H.E. Baron Cezary Ostrowski, Consul at Greater Poland
  • H.E. Mohammed Rafi, Ambassador to India
  • H.E. Andrew Nicol, Ambassador to Australia
  • H.E. Ali Hassan Zaib, Ambassador to Pakistan
  • H.E. Ning Chuong, Ambassador to China
  • H.E. Mehdi Zai, Ambassador to Morocco
  • H.E. Sherif AbdelMeged, Ambassador to Egypt
  • H.E. Christopher Van Wyk, Ambassador to Namibia
  • H.E. Marquis Joaquín Castillo-Lopez d’Araguez, Ambassador to the USA
    • H.E. Alysia Kozbial, Consul at Ohio
  • H.E. Julio Custodio de Melo, Ambassador to Brazil
  • H.E. Koray Kacar, Ambassador to Turkey
  • H.E. Domenico Lamanna Di Salvo, Ambassador to San Marino
  • H.E. Marc Belenfant, Ambassador to Mozambique
  • H.E. Miguel Trujillo, Ambassador to Venezuela
  • H.E. Kanetada Shinonome, Ambassador to Japan
  • H.E. Count Hugo de Saint-Paul, Ambassador to Luxembourg
  • H.E. Baron Dimitrios Dambassinas de Mellona, Ambassador to Greece
  • H.E. Neamul Bashir, Ambassador at Bangladesh