Diplomatic Corps

The Diplomatic Corps 

Members of the Flandrensian Diplomatic Corps are diplomats who
represents the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis in another sovereign state
(macronation). Ambassadors and Consuls enlarge the Flandrensian community and assist the development of our national identity. They have contacts with local authorities and organizations, organize occasional meetings with citizens or other micronationalists and raise awareness about Flandrensis and climate change in their local community.
This position does not confer land grants, pensions, or payments of any kind, or rights of settlement, privileges or extraordinary treatment by the state of Flandrensis.

Join the Diplomatic Corps!

Our Greek ambassador is sportive so he ran a marathon with a self-made shirt of Flandrensis, our Egypt ambassador is a famous blues artist in the Middle-East and he gave us permission to use his songs for Radio Flandrensis, our former ambassador in Turkey is also a musician and composed our national anthem, our ambassador in Luxembourg participated in a Climate March, many ambassadors helped with the translation of letters and sharing articles on social media, etc.
So if you’re creative, sportive, an artist, musician, world traveller or an climate activist … or you’re social and want to meet other Flandrensians or consuls in your country?

The main conditions are: minimum age of 16 years old, are at least 2 months a citizen of our glorious nation and having no citizenships in other micronations (unless you have a very good motivation we can make some exceptions …). Members of the Diplomatic Corps are required to organize minimum two events each year and to share pictures of it. One event is mandatory: a clean-up action. The other events can be participating a Climate protest march, representing Flandrensian on a sport event, organize a meeting with other Flandrensians, sensibilization on recycling or other measures in daily life to help the climate.
If you have interest to join our diplomatic corps: send your candidature with motivation to info[at]flandrensis.com.

List of the Flandrensian Diplomatic Corps (2021-2023)

• H.E. Count Hugo de Saint-Paul, Ambassador to Luxembourg
Contact: h.desaintpaul[at]flandrensis.com
• H.E. Gábor Füleki, Ambassador to Hungary
Contact: g.fuleki[at]flandrensis.com
• H.E. Baron Dimitrios Dambassinas de Mellona, Ambassador to Greece
Contact: d.dambassinas[at]flandrensis.com

• H.E. Baron Manuel Noorglo de Barrat, Consul at the Estense region (Italy)
Contact: m.noorglo[at]flandrensis.com
• H.E. Count George Lapshynov d’Annenkov, Consul at Scotland (UK)
Contact: g.lapshynov[at]flandrensis.com
• H.E. Elaine Holden, Consul at New Hampshire (USA)
Contact: e.holden[at]flandrensis.com
• H.E. Riz Malik, Consul at North West England (UK)
Contact: r.malik[at]flandrensis.com

Honorary members of the Diplomatic Corps:
• H.E. Baron Markus Kalter-Ranvik (former German Ambassador)
Contact: m.kalter[at]flandrensis.com
• H.E. Baron Filippo Bagarolo de Borrello (former Italian Ambassador):
Contact: f.bagarolo[at]flandrensis.com