Building together to the Flandrensian dream!

There’s something for everyone’s passion in micronationalism. In Flandrensis you can be a diplomat, a journalist, an economist, an environmentalist and much more! And if you’re successful and devoted, the Grand Duke can appoint you as Ambassador or Minister in the Grand Ducal Cabinet!
Flandrensis is welcoming anyone to apply to become a citizen who is concerned about climate change. And if you support our dream to get the entire Antarctic recognized as an internationally protected nature reserve, we invite you to join our worldwide community and fill in the application below.

Flandrensians arround the world

Important: As a responsible micronation, Flandrensis does not wish to raise the number of its citizens with applicants who do not clearly understand our legal status, values and principles. To be sure that you checked our website, the last part of this application contains 5 questions about Flandrensis. Your application will be rejected if there are less than 4 correct answers.
Within 14 days (usually quicker) you will receive a digital version of your Certificate of Citizenship. If not, please check your spam folder or send us an e-mail.