National Football Association of Flandrensis

First photo of the team on September 4th, 2023.

The “National Football Association of Flandrensis” (NFAF) was founded on September 4th, 2023 on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Flandrensis. The creation of a Flandrensian team was the initiative of Thijs Huysmans.
The NFAF is not a member of FIFA or UEFA, but they aim to become an associate member of CONIFA before 2025.


Instead of the traditional colors of the flag, Antarctica was chosen as inspiration because the continent is not represented in FIFA. The shirt portrays a melting iceberg.


The head coach of Flandrensis is Belgian Thijs Huysmans. Thijs has been a coach in some local teams (provincial league), was a scout for Lommel SK (Belgian 2nd devision) two years and since 2023 he’s the trainer of ”Younited Belgium KVC Westerlo”, a social and community project by Belgian football teams. Thijs has one of the world’s largest collection of match worn shirts and wrote a book about it in 2022. He is often contacted to give advice to pro teams for new kits. You can contact him on nfaf[at]


All the current players on the Flandrensian team play in the Belgian provincial leagues and amateur leagues.

Pos.Name PlayerClub
GKMathias GoossensJong Lansiers
DFWout KellerJong Lansiers
DFGilles EngelenKFC Witgoor Sport
DFJeroen BosmansCSC Barrier
MFRoy StevensJong Lansiers
FWRuben LaureyssensFree
FWGwenn DierckxKadijk SK
FWKenneth Vandepoelkwb Barrier
This list is currently under construction: the details of the other players will be published soon (04/09/2023)


There are currently negotiations with association football teams that are not affiliated with FIFA. The NFAF hopes to play its first cap in 2024.

Legal note

The “National Football Association of Flandrensis” has the status of an unincorporated association in Belgium. The goal of the NFAF is to play football caps on behalf of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis. They received permission from the Board of Director of “vzw Groothertogdom Flandrensis”, the official non-profit organization who holds the intellectual property of the micronation.

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