Candidature Minister

We are looking for new Ministers for the Grand Ducal Cabinet!

These positions are open to all Flandrensian citizens who want to contribute to the development of our micronation and the realisation of our goals, as outlined in our official bylaws and constitution.
We are especially looking for motivated and enthusiastic Flandrensians. Skills or experience in the fields of micronationalism, marketing, digital design, media and communication, and environmental topics are welcome! We especially need support on projects like Flandrensis Radio the Flandrensis Times, the website, and for ecological awareness and sensibilisation.

Our foremost selection criteria are that you must be teamplayer, have a functional knowledge of English, be a member of the Facebook group “We are Flandrensians!” and be ready to spend around 1 hour a week in the Discord group of the Grand Ducal Cabinet. We offer you a one-year contract. There is no salary, other than our gratitude and appreciation for your time and dedication.

Interested candidates should this application form detailing their suitability for the position, past experiences and relevant skills. Motivations containing nothing but “I want to be a Minister” will be rejected. We expect you to describe who you are and how you want to contribute to Flandrensis. .