Welcome on the official website of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis:
The only country in the world that doesn’t want its land inhabited by people!

Creating a country to save the planet

What began in 2008 as a temporally project for two weeks by a Belgian student, has since evolved into one of the world’s famous micronations, with a worldwide community living in more than seventy countries. Journalists and academics from around the world wrote about Flandrensis’ environmental adventure, calling Flandrensis an example of the new generation of micronationalism, the Grand Duchy that wants to save the world, etc. Flandrensis has a defined territory, a well-functioning government, consulates around the world, the ability to communicate with other states, national symbols like stamps, currency, … and even a national football team. Upon the declaration of independence and the sovereignty of our Antarctic islands, Flandrensis is also a registered non-profit organization, using micronationalism to raise on a creative manner awareness for climate change and Antarctica. We hope that you will explore our website and enjoy your visit.

Our Mission

We believe that Antarctica is one of the few places on this planet to remain relatively untouched by humans and we strongly believe that it should be one huge protected nature reserve only available for scientific research, well beyond the expiration of the Antarctic Treaty in 2048.

Our Homeland

Flandrensis is located on five small islands of the coasts of West Antarctica: Siple Island, Carney Island, Maher Island, Cherry Island and Pranke Island and based its claim on an interpretation of the Antarctic Treaty (1959).
Our motto is “No humans, only nature!”.

Our Community

As Flandrensians, we pledge to protect the environment and live by our ecological principles. The Order of the Melting Mountain represents our commitment to combat climate change through actions like tree planting, clean-up initiatives, recycling, and reducing water consumption. Together, these small actions make a big difference