Diplomatic relations

The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis is an established value in the worldwide community of micronations. Since its foundation in 2008 Flandrensis signed more than 200 treaties of friendship and mutual recognition with other micronations. Unfortunately, many of those recognized micronations no longer exist (see list below). Therefore Flandrensis has a very restricted policy and limits its recognitions.

Since 2020 Flandrensis informally acknowledges all micronations: we will be friendly toward all other micronations, large and small, and we pledge our assistance and friendship in helping any new nation develop.
Flandrensis will only sign treaties on special occasions, with other micronations who are in total alignment with Flandrensis’ foreign policy, climate policy, individual freedom policy, etc. Requesting diplomatic relations is an invitation for close cooperation, for communal projects and association and not merely for recognition.

Micronations which apply for diplomatic relations must complete truthfully the fact sheet on the Flandrensian website. This will be the basis for the assessment of their request.

Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Recognition:

Republic of Aquitaine U.S.A.2008First micronation who signed a treaty
Aerican EmpireCanada20082022Meeting in London (2012) & Atlanta (2017)
Principality of ValumarSpain20092022
Principality of BeaulunaNetherlands2009First state visit (2011)
Sovereign Republic of MorielPuerto Rico20092022
Empire of Austenasia U.K.2009Meeting in London (2012)
Grand Duchy of WestarcticaU.S.A.20102014Meeting in Atlanta (2017), Las Vegas (2022) and Ypres (2023), member AMU, ecological partner
Kingdom of UberstadtU.S.A.2011
State of Sandus U.S.A.2012Meeting in London (2012), Atlanta (2017) and Vincennes (2018), member OMF
The Royal Republic of LadoniaSweden2012Meeting in London (2012), Perugia (2014), Aigues-Mortes (2016 & 2022) , Diksmuide (2021), Las Vegas (2022) and Ypres (2023).
Republic of PadrhomFrance2012Meeting in Vincennes (2018), member OMF
Empire of ImvrassiaGreece2012
The House of Homestaed Andorra2013Meeting in Atlanta (2017)
Principality Islet PontinhaPortugal2013
Republic of AlcatrazItaly2014Meeting in London (2012) & Perugia (2014)
Sultanat de Zaria-Shabazz Central-Africa2014
Principality of Hélianthis France2014Meeting in Aigues-Mortes (2016 & 2022), Vincennes (2018), Ypres (2023), member OMF
Empire of AngyalistanFrance2014Meeting in Perugia (2014), Luxembourg (2017), Lille (2018), Aigues-Mortes (2016 & 2022), Atlanta (2017), Vincennes (2018), Langemark (2021), Ypres (2023), ecological partner
Republic of West Who U.S.A.2014Meeting in Atlanta (2017) & Las Vegas (2022)
Principality of Aigues-MortesFrance2014Meeting in Perugia (2014), Brussels (2015), Luxembourg (2017), Lille (2018), Aigues-Mortes (2016 & 2022), Atlanta (2017) and Vincennes (2018), Ypres (2023), Member OMF, ecological partner
Republic of UzupisLithuania2014Member AMU
Kingdom of RuritaniaU.S.A.2014Meeting in Atlanta (2017)
The Virtual State of DrakonbergAzerbaijan
Empire of AdammiaU.K.2015
Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia Brasil2015Member AMU
People´s Democratic Republic of Villa AliciaBrasil2015
Neugraviat of Saint-Castin Canada2015Meeting in Atlanta (2017), Vincences (2018), Las Vegas (2022) and Aigues-Mortes (2016 & 2022), Ypres (2023), member OMF
Frya Nordland TerritoryGermany20162023
Union de GeovanniaMexico2016
Republic of Sant Ernest Italy2016
Principality of LorenzburgSweden2017Meeting in Ypres (2023).
The Commonwealth of DraculU.S.A.2019
Principality of BéremangeFrance2019Meeting in Aigues-Mortes (2022), member OMF
Rovdin EmpireRussia20192022
Cycoldian ImperiumU.S.A.20192022Meeting in Las Vegas (2022)
United Kingdom of the Navasse U.S.A.2019Member OMF
Kingdom of MansoBrasil2019
Principality of WoodlandiaCanada2020
Autonomous Zone Of UrsideItaly2020Meeting in Modena (2020), ecological partner
Technocratic Republic of AethodiaU.S.A.Meeting in Las Vegas (2022)
Principality of CentumcellaeItaly2020
Forstendom HolkauGermany20202022
Bardo Intentional MicronationItaly2020Meeting in Modena (2020), ecological partner
Republic of Rino IslandChile20202022
Vandewal PrincipalityFrance20202023
The New Weddington IslesU.K.2021
Principality of AnthophiliaFrance2021Meeting in Aigues-Mortes (2022), member OMF
The Isles of Lithua U.K.2022Meeting in Aigues-Mortes (2022), Ypres (2023), ecological partner
Kingdom of Quinta VelhaBrasil2022
Kingdom of Ebenthal Brasil2022
Federal Republic of Lostisland Russia2022Member AMU
Parliamentary Monarchy of DuckionaryCzech Republic2022Meeting in Ypres (2023).
Social State of El
Principality of ShedingehItaly2023Meeting in Aigues-Mortes (2022), Modena (2023)
Republic of Upper Shwartz Morgen Lorgen LandPoland2024
Republic of Slowjamastan
U.S.A2024Meeting in Las Vegas (2022) and Ypres (2023)
United Republic of ObscuriumGermany2024Meeting in Ypres (2023)

Treaty of Friendship and Mutual recognition
(defunct micronations anno 2022)

Every two years Flandrensis organizes an activity census. If a micronation don’t react within a month, then they are considered as defunct. If your micronation is in this list but still exist, please contact the Flandrensian government for a revision of the old treaty.

Kingdom of FinismundSpain20082010First ally of Flandrensis, former member AMU
Estado de MarieSpain20092010Former member AMU
Cheslovian FederationU..K.20092014
Kingdom of Beunos AiresArgentina20092014
Estado Sérénésimo de La RocaSpain20092014
Empire of LeblandiaPoland20092014
Kingdom of BataviaNetherlands20092014
Republica Popular Socialista Huetar de OccidenteSpain20092014
Kingdom of CastrigiaNetherlands20092014
Empire of Mexican AmericaMexico20092014
Duchy of BohemiaU.S.A.20092014
Grand Duchy of JohnstoniaAustralia20092014
El Pueblo SimarienseSpain20092014
Republic of CisalpinaItaly20092014
Republic of Patetopia U.S.A.20092014
Berinese ConfederationVenezuela20092014
Free Community of PasargadaBrasil20092014
Carribean Republic of Samana CayBahamas20092014
Kingdom of LaciaNetherlands20092014
Viking Empire of StormarkU.K.20092014
Kingdom of ZandroviaU.S.A.20092014
Res Publica SPQRItaly20092014
Empire of ProgleU.S.A.20092014
State of the People of West AntarcticaSerbia20092014Former member AMU
Directory of AkullU.S.A.20092014Former member AMU
Empire of QootarlaentNetherlands20092014
The Ohio EmpireU.S.A.20092014
Community of LandashirU.K.20092014Meeting in London (2012), former member AMU
Republic of BokontonU.S.A.20092014
Keep WatchCanada20092014Former member AMU
Federal Republic of St. CharlieItaly20092014Meeting in London (2012)
Kingdom of StrathclydeU.K.20092018
Holy Empire of RéunionBrasil20092020
Federated Republics of A1Australia20102014
L’ Empire Irosien d’ ArmoriqueFrance20102014
Republic of PromolandsItaly20102014
Kingdom of AlbionBelgium20102014Former member of the Flandrensian Commonwealth
Republic of TransletaniaHungary20102014
The Slinky Parliamentary MonarchyU.S.A.20102014
The Students Isocratic Oligarchy of YablakoAustralia20102014
Principality of RukoraU.K.20102014
Democratic Republic of VitlaItaly20102014
Royal Kingdom of EeshaIndia20102014
Kingdom of CattimundoItaly20102014
Kingdom of Parvus LaetusBelgium20102014
Republiic of SecundomiaU.S.A.20102014
Republic of EgtaviaU.K.20102014
Union of South London Soviet Socialist RepublicU.K.20102014
Republic of AtlantisItaly20102014
Commonwealrh of SiroccoNew Zealand20102014
Kingdom of BroughtopiaU.K.20102014
Democratic Environmental Society of SenyaU.K.20102014
Duchy of CampiniaBelgium20102016Former member of the Flandrensian Commonwealth
Prinicpality of ArkelNetherlands20102016Former member of the Flandrensian Commonwealth
Kingdom of VikeslandCanada20102019
The Federal Republic of Blue SkiesU.S.A.20112014
Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular IslandsU.S.A.20112014Former member AMU
Kingdom of FalghunU.K.20112014
Social Republic of BethaniaU.S.A.20112014
Republic of UltamiyaU.S.A.20112014
Kingdom of EscitrarU.S.A.20112014
The Kozuc KhanateU.S.A.20112014
Republic of WadonstolAustralia20112014
Republic of Town RealU.S.A.20112014
Kingdom of KeltersprufU.S.A.20112014
Commonwealth of UskorAustralia20112014
Imperial Kingdom of CalsaharaU.S.A.20112017
People’s Republic of PodjistanU.K.20112018
People’s Democratic Autocracy of ArboreaNew Zealand20112018
Republic of AlabrogieFrance20122014
Empire of GordjanItaly20122014
Union of SytarlandU.S.A.20122014
Empire of FreedomiaU.S.A.20122014
Free Pristinian RepublicGermany20122014
Lewisham Democratic RepublicU.K.20122014
Republic of CaledoniaU.K.20122014
Territory of LedicarusCanada20122014
Technocratic Federation of ErephesiaU.K.20122014Meeting in London (2012)
Republic of FiveaHungary20122014
Knoll Island EmpireU.K.20122014Former member AMU
Federated States of AntarcticaU.S.A.20122014Former member AMU
Principality of SubeniaSerbia20122014
The Reylan Imperial TriumvirateU.K.20122014Meeting in London (2012)
Kingdom of AlteriaNew Zealand20122014
The Noble Republic of LurkCzech Republic20122014
Antarctic’s Elain of AtilniaItaly20122014Former member AMU
Commonwealth of BoshkaU.S.A.20122018Meeting in Atlanta (2017)
Kingdom of JuclandiaRomania20122022
Principality of TreisiaPhilipines20132014
Principality of Novum AngliaeU.S.A.20132014
Daikoku FederationIndonesia20132014
Kadmurian EmpireAustralia20132014
Reglando de la Glaciaj HomojU.S.A.20132014Former member AMU
Schalamzaar EmpireIran20132014
Kingdom of DanlandRussia20132014Former member AMU
Republic of ChicoPeru20132014
Kingdom of CandarAustria20132014
Kingdom of WarkalandRomania20132014
Confederation of Leylandistan and GurvataIreland20132014
Democratic People’s Republic of UrboniaPhilipines20132014
Principality of LyonessU.S.A.20132014
Republic of New WestphaliaU.K.20132018
Principality of GuerreriaU.S.A.20132018
Empire of MonoviaU.K.20142018Meeting in Ypres (2014)
Kingdom of StruehGermany20142018
The Ilmen FederationRussia20142018
The World Humanity CommissionIndia20142018
Republic of EslandaRussia20142018
Republic of Benny Andre LundNorway20142022Meeting in London (2012) & Perugia (2014)
Kingdom of GreencountriaUkraine20152018
Norlandian KingdomRussia20152018
Republic of CunsannItaly20152018
Democratic Republic of Sree GurusiaIndia20152018
Socialist Republic of StrovaciaRussia20152018
Kingdom of VerdoleaniaNetherlands20152018
Kingdom of HanoverU.S.A.20152018
Kingdom of MemeU.S.A.20152018
Cyanocitta Cristata RepublicU.S.A.20152018
Principality of SurlandFrance20152022
Die Bunte Republik NeustadtGermany20152022Meeting in Perugia (2015)
Kingdom of LoneyardUkraine20162018
Principality of LedniaBelarus20162018
The United Provinces of MauritiaBrasil20162018
Kingdom of St. keldaU.K.20162018
Principality of ValendiaFrench Polynesia20162018
Federation of Kraveitya-RatmanoviaU.S.A.20162018
Kingdom of NewukraineUkraine20162018
Republic of IvstriaRussia20162018
Republic of SkuliyaRussia20162018
The Ahaänian EmpiraUkrain20162018
Grifburgh EmpireRussia20162018
Grand Duchy of LleU.S.A.20162018
Democratic Republic of FranklandU.S.A.20162018
State of NedlandU.S.A.20162018
Republic of PolandaSpain20172018
The Aarianian Union of North AmericaU.S.A.20172018
Confederation of CaciolleItaly20172018
Empire of AnasiaU.K.20172018
Sovrano Militare Ordine RomanoItaly20172020
Confederation of MahusetNetherlands20172020
Kingdom of AuriliëBelgium20172022Meeting in Snellegem (2017)
Principality of SabinaSpain20172022
Tsardom of PhoklandU.S.A20192020
Principality of ErmensteinCroatia20192020
Kingdom of LiliputU.S.A20192022
Kingdom of Sabia and VeronaVenezuela20202020
Empire of OvrestliaGreece20202020
Republic of AshokuvoU.S.A.20202020
Republic of AvineskaRussia20202022
Empire of Lehmark Australia20202023

Single recognition by Flandrensis

Republic of MolossiaU.S.A2008Meeting in London (2012), Atlanta (2017) , Las Vegas (2022) and Ypres (2023)
Republic of Saugeais France2008Meeting in Luxembourg (2016)
Empire of AtlantiumAustralia2008Meeting in London (2012)
Formori InstituteFrance2012Meeting in London (2012), Perugia (2014), Brussels (2015), Aigues-Mortes (2016 & 2022), Vincennes (2018), Aigues-Mortes (2022)

Withdrawal of recognition by Flandrensis

The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis never interferes in internal affairs of other micronations or in micronational conflicts. But we hold a great importance to diplomacy, respect and behaviour in the micronational community. Since 2008 Flandrensis withdrew the recognition of several micronations because of undiplomatic and aggressive behaviour, hate speech, homophobia, racism, publication of fake news, etc.