Ecological mission

Started in 2008, we use the concept of micronationalism, an entity that claims to be an independent nation but without official recognition, to raise on a creative manner awareness for climate change and Antarctica: we are the only country in the world that doesn’t want its land inhabited by people.
Our mission is to ensure that Antarctica is untouched by human activity and we strongly believe that it should remain a nature preserve only available for scientific research well beyond the expiration of the Antarctic Treaty in 2048.

Flandrensis is not an NGO like Greenpeace or WWF with enough funds to launch campaigns. We are a small environmental nonprofit organization and a micronation, so we remain realistic. But we believe that small actions together can make a difference to climate change (many small actions = big change).

1. Reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission

Going to work on foot, by bicycle, or by public transport, use electrical power produced from renewable sources, change lightbulbs to LEDs, unplug electronic devices when they aren’t in use, wash clothes in cold water, etc.

2. Reduce Water consumption

Always use water in a reasonable way! Obsess over every drop of water: rain barrels and rain gardens help capture and purify water, use the five minute shower challenge and don’t drink bottled water.

3. Recycle

Including electrical and electronic consumables, paper, toner, iron, aluminum PET, glass, plastic, etc. Also recycle your clothes and upcycle your furniture.

4. Local Food

Buy from local farms or farmers markets whenever possible, start your own vegetable garden, eat less meat, etc.

5. Activism

Participate in local movements and climate marches, join the diplomatic corps and send letters to your government, etc. In 2022 Flandrensians already send almost 100 letters to governments and organizations.

6. Make your hands dirty

Be the ultimate Flandrensian “Knight of the Order of the melting Mountain”, plant trees (reforestation) or organize clean-up actions and start composting.

7. Promotion of ecological micronationalism

Flandrensis is the co-author of several charters like the Alcatraz Environmental Accord (2014), the Micronational Ecological Charter (2016) and the Micronational Declaration on Ecological Stewardship (2017).
With more than 10 years of experience we encourage and support people to start their own micronation, because micronationalism is one of the best ways to develop talents and creativity … and more important: it’s fun!

If you need more inspiration: check the website 101 ways to fight climate change.